Katelyn Williams, CMHCi

Katelyn Williams, CMHCi

Katelyn (She/Her) has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in film and is pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Utah Valley University. As a videographer for the last 10 years, she’s fostered a profound love for the depth and complexities within all people and their stories.

Throughout Katelyn’s life experiences, she has developed a deep commitment to mental health advocacy, unwavering empathy, and empowering individuals. With a fervent dedication, Katelyn strives to address and heal the shame, stigma, stereotypes, and systemic wounds prevalent in our society. In moments of hopelessness, it’s crucial to acknowledge that pain and challenges are inherent aspects of life’s journey. By lending an ear and opening her heart, Katelyn will extend support and reassurance, all the while understanding that the questions posed are as significant as the answers pursued. Through compassionate engagement with struggles, she will help you unearth the catalysts needed for growth and transformation.

Katelyn cultivates a safe and non-judgmental environment where clients feel empowered to explore their thoughts, emotions, and life experiences freely. Embracing a holistic perspective, she recognizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in the pursuit of inner peace. Operating within a Common Factors Theory framework, Katelyn draws upon a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Individual Psychology, Existential Therapy, and Feminist Therapy. This integrative approach enables Katelyn to customize interventions that specifically address each client’s individual needs and objectives. She is dedicated to guiding her clients through life’s challenges and facilitating opportunities for personal growth and resilience.

While Katelyn welcomes clients of all backgrounds, she finds fulfillment working with teens, adults, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. Her clinical focus centers on various issues, including identity exploration, complex trauma, relationship dynamics, grief processing, and substance use concerns. Additionally, she brings expertise in addressing anxiety, depression, shame, and facilitating transition-focused therapy. Understanding the inherent vulnerability of the therapeutic process, Katelyn deeply cherishes the bond formed within the therapeutic relationship. She encourages clients to honor their intuition in finding the right fit for their needs. Katelyn holds firm to the belief that authenticity is a profound gift to ourselves and others. She guides clients in cultivating self-compassion, reshaping thought patterns, embracing life experiences, and intentionally progressing toward healing.

Katelyn is passionate about meeting new people, traveling, and learning about different cultures. Katelyn loves exploring creativity through photography, videography, and songwriting. Spending time with her partner, walking her dogs, being out in nature, biking, cold plunging, gardening, blasting music in her car, and meditation are some of her favorite forms of self-care.